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Stratomaster's Blue Rodeo Guitar Tab Archive came to be through conversation on the discussion board at BlueRodeo.Com. On numerous occasions in the Musician's Corner the topic came up regarding where to find a good resource for Blue Rodeo guitar tablature. There were a few sites that were okay but none were by far comprehensive or up to date. I myself am a guitar player (though a very amature one). My "Favorites" folder in my browser was full of links to various guitar tabs for BR songs. I too was frustrated that there wasn't a site that suited my needs. So I decided to make my own

I combed the internet for every Blue Rodeo tab I could find and put them up on this site. Having exhausted the net, there were still many songs that I could not find tabs for. So I asked for some help from my fellow guitar players at The response was fantastic. What a community effort. Thanks folks, I couldn't have done it without you.


Below are some the people that deserve the real thanks for this site:

Ryan Robson - the transcription king. If I didn't have it, he figured it out.

Travis Bird - The current administrator for the band's offical site for his continued support of this site and its community effort. Thanks too for graphical assistance for the redesign last year.

Art Fougere - One of the first help out with tabs and suggestions.

Art Levert - Indispensible for those tabs no one else had and for "official" corrections.

James Penny - for guitar tabs, what else eh?

Vishal Bhatia & Lisa Wilkes at BlueRodeo.Com for their initial support and recognition on the band's official site.

There are many others, too numerous to mention, who have helped with tabs. Know that your assistance is grealy appreciated.


If you should find and technical issues with this site or and links that are not working properly please send an email to:

Just want to converse about guitar or Blue Rodeo I can be found on the discussion board at the band's official site under the name "Stratomaster".MER


The song transcriptions/chord profiles/tabs found on this site are the intellectual property of their respective authors. The creator of this site does not claim ownership over these works. Each tab file is credited to the respective author or the source website if the author is unknown.

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