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UPDATE: Since the redesign of BlueRodeo.Com to promote the release of the new album, In Our Nature, the community pages have been removed and I've lost my long standing 13 year link on the band's official site. I am working to see if then can add me back on there. I'll keep you posted.

Because this site is the ONLY complete archive of Blue Rodeo guitar tabs and chords and because this site was created with tremendous assistance from fellow members of the BlueRodeo.Com Community, the band's official site has recognized Links to this site can be found at the header of every page of the band's official discussion board. Thanks to Travis Bird at BlueRodeo.Com for his continued support.

In 2003 was also metioned in the band's official newsletter distributed to thousands worldwide. You can subscribe to the band's newsletter here. is also linked on Greg Keelor's website for tabs for all his solo material. Thanks, Greg. is the ONLY complete archive of Blue Rodeo guitar tablature on the internet. We had the Are You Ready album tabbed weeks before it even hit store shelves.

There are several ways to access the tabs; click HERE to go the to albums page to find the tabs organized by album, use the search function at the top of every page or simply click the tabs logo on the right side of the page.


For my fellow guitar players in the Southwestern Ontario area you may be pleased to hear about a great guitar store in Kitchener called Bob's Guitar Service which is owned and operated by everyone's favourite pedal steel player Mr. Bob Egan. Bob specializes in guitar repair. I can personally atest to the quality of Bob and Ryan's work; I've had several of my guitars worked on there.


Stratomaster.Ca is pleased to launch the guitar tab microsite for Alright Dynamite from the amazingly talented Canadian fiddler and roots-rock artist, Kendel Carson. Many of you may be familiar with Kendel as she along with The Dustin Bentall Outfit opened many shows for Blue Rodeo in 2011 as they toured in support of The Things We Left Behind.


If you're here it's most likely because you're a fan of this great Canadian musicial intitution we call Blue Rodeo. If you haven't already done so then please visit the official site at There you will find everything you'd ever imagine about this great band, i.e. tour info, the online store, bios, streaming radio etc. Also stop by the discussion board and chat with fellow fans. It's the coolest little music community on the web.


New Tabs - New tabs for almost the enitre 1000 Arms album courtesy of Nick Dynna. Thanks so much Nick!
Updated 16 January 2017

New Tabs - New tabs for the first eight tracks from the new album In Our Nature from Josh Dwyer, Mark Jensen & Rob Penfold Updated 4 Nov 2013

New Tabs - New tabs from Ryan Robson; Wasted & You Said. Updated 2 Dec 2012

New Tabs - Skyscrapper Soul version 1 & 2 and Ready To Fall courtesy of Frank Grenier, Mark Briengan & Bruce Dixon respectively. Updated 29 Sept 2012

New Tabs - Everyone Watched The Wedding courtesy of Ted Thiessen. Updated 9 Dec 2011


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